Monday, October 26, 2009

Host Mention - Favorite Jasper / Bella: Camels and Cloves by Chicklette

Since this is our contest, we figured we could, just once, go all Veruca Salt and make an Honorable Mention category for our favorite pairing: Jasper/Bella. We wanted to pick one Jasper/Bella story that we really loved (and - in the case of the story we ending up choosing - that also happened to be loved by the judges and the public voters) because...well, because we can.

This wasn’t easy. We received a total of 42 stories that were labelled as Jasper/Bella. There were more than a few that we really, seriously loved, but life is all about tough choices so we decided to limit ourselves to honoring just one: "Camels and Cloves," by Chicklette.

I personally loved this story because it has all the elements I like to see in a J/B one-shot: Red-hot JILF? Check. A cool, kind-hearted Bella? Check. Edward? Nope. Alice? Nope (I am told this makes it easier for queasy canon shippers). Some intrigue? Check. Some cool musical references, some slow building UST, leading into some sweet, sweet loving? Check, check, check. Like I said, Chicklette gave us all of that and wrapped it up in a lovely, well-written package replete with wit, humor, attitude, a bit of angst, and a lot of “awww” moments that ultimately make this Jasper very JILSy too.

The story is written in Jasper’s POV and begins with the first time he meets Bella, the new kid, when the two of them are taking a smoke break outside at a party. Quickly we learn that Jasper has a secret, one that many of the kids at school have already filled Bella in on.

“You’re Jasper Whitlock,” she says. I nod, but don’t say anything else. If she knows my name, then she’s heard the stories.

But of course, our gal Bella would not judge lest she be judged, and we eventually find out that there are some rumors about her swirling at school, as well. We watch as Bella persistently tries to break through Jasper’s many barriers and gets to know the truth behind the crazy stories, and they soon discover that they can relate to each other on many levels. At its core, "Camels and Cloves" is a charming high school love story about perception and its impact on relationships: how they are dissolved, formed or strengthened due to it. Chicklette is a great appreciator of Jasper and of the Jasper/Bella ship and it is clearly evidenced in this fantastic entry. I urge you to check it out. Go. Now. *indignant pout and foot stomp*

- LaViePastiche

Link to story: Camels and Cloves by Chicklette. As a note, Chicklette also entered a second Jasper / Bella in the contest: Unbroken


  1. I really love this storie i just read it yesterday, and i keep going back to it over and over. thank you for making this site i LOVE jasper, the most emotional, heart filled, quiet, lovable vampire. no matter if he is human or not.

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