Monday, October 26, 2009

Host Mention - Favorite JILF: Into Strangers by mopstyle

J.I.L.F.... What does that stand for? Well, exactly what you think. Jasper I'd Like to... be Friends with. Yeah, that's it.

This was a difficult category because it turns out we're pretty indiscriminate when it comes to... wanting to be friends with Jasper. We more or less want to befriend 99% of all Jaspers out there. But after oohing and aahing our way through the entry list for the 55th time, we finally decided on two entries to highlight. One human and one vamp. “Into Strangers” by mopstyle is our choice for favorite human JILF.

We’re introduced to Jasper as Bella’s “nemesis” who “ruins” her (as so eloquently described by a very blunt Rose). Through an agitated phone conversation between Rose and Bella, we find out that Jasper and Bella have been friends for a long time but Jasper is an ass who, Rose feels, uses Bella only when he needs something. On top of that, something is wrong and they’re not currently on speaking terms. We also find out that Bella is engaged to Edward.

So, what makes Asshole Jasper so friendable? Is it the bad-boy attitude Rose describes? The thoughtfulness Bella recalls, even if it has now waned? The tattoos Bella mentions in passing?

Well, mopstyle’s descriptions of him definitely don’t hurt: “The veins in his muscular arms still stood out, raised and flowing, carrying the mercury that tempered his searing body. His plain black T-shirt had a corner torn into it just to the left of his bellybutton. His washboard abs were peeking out, as were three whips of the tribal tattoo that flanked his long torso.”

As well as Bella’s obvious – if hidden – attraction to him: “I rested my cheek on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. They were hot and smooth as they glided over my arms and back. I inhaled him and nuzzled into his neck… We never could be this close for long. Too much of me was on display. My want was easy to hide from the other side of the room. There was a time bomb in me and he was the detonator.” Me, too, bb. Me, too.

One more example, because... yeah: “He was leaning back on two legs of the chair, his arms slack, not looking at me. He had a new shirt on, a dusty red cowboy style. It was tight and the sleeves were rolled, revealing his thick tattooed arms.”

I’ll leave you with that and tell you there’s a lot more where that came from (in addition to a hell of a story wrapped around the Jasper yumminess). For a look into one of the hottest Jaspers in the contest, you’ll need to read the rest for yourself.

Bring a fan. (And maybe some kleenex, since Jasper does not exist in fluffy stories. Sigh.)

- ElleCC

Link to story: Into Strangers by mopstyle


  1. Oh, bb!! Thanks so much! I'm shaking, typing this, because I'm so elated. It's quite an honor to have written your fave human JILF. I promise I'll bring him out to play.

  2. JSYK, this was totally my human JILF, too! GAH, he was hot and all angsty. UNF. Congrats and thanks for sharing your sexyangstsper with us!

  3. Aw, thank you, AG! And you're welcome. I thought I'd give you all a little bit of the Jasper that lives inside my head. :wink:

  4. Hey Mop!! I just stumbled across this! Congratulations bb!!! :) I am so proud of you!!

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