Sunday, October 25, 2009

2nd Place Judges' Selection: You Know What You Are by shalu

"You Know What You Are" is a very intriguing alternate universe in which Alice is human, but the Cullens and Jasper are still vampires. Even more interesting is that Jasper had found the Cullens on his own, many years before this story takes place, but, without Alice, was unable to maintain their vegetarian lifestyle, and was eventually ousted, necessarily, from the Cullen coven. shalu shows the profound impact that Carlisle's ultimate disappointment had on Jasper. It seems to have been a last straw of sorts, and when the story begins, we find Jasper at Volterra.

Shalu has managed to paint a very vivid rewriting of the canon history. By doing so, she aptly shows just how pivotal Alice is to Jasper's humanity. We're always told this, and always believe it faithfully, but now we can actually see what Jasper might have been like on his own all those years. Alice's eventual introduction into this story is nothing short of captivating. Without giving too much away, I'll just quote canon and say, "Never bet against Alice." The characterization in this story is so in depth, that it almost has the feel of a multi-chapter story. We're given so much with just Jasper's internal dialog alone, that the story is skillfully weaved in lush paragraphs, particular imagery, and an especially unique and emotionally resonant inner voice.

It's some pretty angsty shit, negl, but honestly, it just kind of makes me want to hump his vampy jock.

- AngstGoddess003

Link to story: You Know What You Are by shalu

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