Monday, October 26, 2009

Host Mention - Favorite JILS: Copper Lily by s.meadows

Okay, unlike Elle, I am not going to make up some silly euphemism or whatever to explain what JILS is. Nope, you're not children, I am just gonna go ahead and lay it on the line, I'm gonna tell it to you straight: JILS stands for Jasper I'd Like To Snuggle. Yep, that's right, the Jasper you just wanna grab and squeeze and say, "Aw, don't worry boo-boo, it'll all be all right." And then, if you're like me, after he's all snuggled and feeling better he ends up turning into a JILF again, but whatever, we're not focusing on that part...

The human Jasper from s.meadows' "Copper Lily" was a JILS because, dang, boy has it pretty rough from beginning to end, but his pain is so subtle that, somehow, it kind of makes you feel worse. This is a Jasper/Maria fic and before you groan or get all scared about what a puta she is, this Maria will make you forget every notion you've attached to the name, at least in relation to Jasper and the Twi-world. This Maria barely speaks English, she is cute, demure, and smitten with her Yasper (omg is that not totally awwww?). They take baths together and he teaches her English and God, just writing this is making me misty. The story is incredibly engaging and when I first read it I thought it was very reminiscent of a Cormac McCarthy novel; when I re-read to write this blurb, I saw that she mentioned in her AN that she had been reading a lot of him before writing this, so I suppose that makes sense. She's rather brilliant with the imagery and dialogue - making it folksy and realistic and yet not totally annoying to read - and while her Peter is about the furthest thing from a PILF, he is rather hilarious in his...simplicity. His verbal gems, such as, "Jasper, I never thunk to ask you this before, but how come you speak Mexican so well?" had me giggling hard.

Of course this is a JILS story, which means there were more tears than giggles. S.meadows' Jasper, like Canonsper, is a man of few words and deep emotions - he is a man in love with a woman that his father, and society at large, I suppose, won't allow him to be. He cares not about the opinions of others and his devotion to Maria is unrelenting, even when his father makes it impossible for them. The story is a fantastic tale of love and the many ways it manifests itself, and I guarantee by the end you'll be wanting to snuggle this Jasper something fierce. Maybe even Peter too, dumb little guy that he is.

- LaViePastiche

Link to story: Copper Lily by s.meadows


  1. Just wanted to say this was one of my very favorite fics in the contest. Loved this jasper, loved Maria, and who would have thought? I tend to be a fairly faithful jella shipper, but this opened my eyes.

    congrats, meads. you *totes* deserve it! :)
    (ps - 'member when I said I was holding out for an honorable mention for you?? ;)

  2. LVP!

    Thank you for the lovely review! I have been reading Cormac McCarthy since high school (many moons ago ;), and he has always been a huge inspiration to me!

    This contest was so much fun to participate in, and there were so many great entries!

    Thank you ladies for running such a professional contest for Jasper fans! *besos*