Monday, October 26, 2009

Host Mention - Favorite JILF: Promises by einfach mich

In the world of fan fiction, we are lucky enough to get two forms of Jasper - Human and Vamp. My JILF is a Vampysper and, specifically, the Vampysper from the story "Promises" by einfach mich. Actually, in all honesty, he's really more like a JILFOAOAO. (That last part means "over and over and over," just so you know.)

Why? First of all, I am partial to an AU Vampsper that maintains most of his canon qualities. While in AH I love the wide variety of Jaspers - many of who bear almost no resemblance to Canonsper - in AU I like my man to resemble the one I fell in love with while reading the original series. Einfach mich stays true to Canonsper but gives us an AU back-story that is much more fun. Jasper is all kinds of hot and manly, all kinds of tortured and soldierly, all kinds of poly and slashy. Oh yeah, you heard me.

The story is set during Jasper's time with Maria, and also much to my giddy delight features a PILF, too. That's a Peter I'd Like to...yeah. Anyway, Bella completes the PBJ and she's a newborn that Maria has ordered Jasper and Peter to get rid of. Peter is in love with Bella and refuses to do the job, so he instead tries to escape with her. When Jasper finds them, he threatens to take care of business himself, but when he feels the love between them, he can't bring himself to destroy it, or the curious little newborn. He intends to let them go, but Peter asks him to join them, and after a hot kiss (yes, apparently Maria liked to watch some P/J action, just like I do), Jasper reluctantly agrees, though he knows they will be hunted. After bailing on Maria, the three of them become close and while originally Bella shares Peter with Jasper, eventually the lines disappear and it becomes a true PBJ. All JILFY silliness aside, this is a very sweet story of three vampires in love, against all odds. Jasper and Bella's relationship is adorable, and though the one-shot is on the short side, einfach develops all three characters beautifully.

I should also mention that the story does not contain a lemon, or anything close, really, so if the poly or slash aspect of it has you nervous, don't be - it really is very innocent and beautiful, more hinted at than anything. To be honest, I wouldn't have turned down some serious PBJ action, but I am hoping that if I plead and bat my eyelashes, einfach will continue this baby. If not, I am more than happy with what we have of this very sweet and touching little story that gave me both a JILF and a PILF to enjoy.

- LaViePastiche

Link to story: Promises by einfach mich

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