Monday, October 26, 2009

Announcing: Honorable Mentions

To say that we were overwhelmed by the response to the contest would be an understatement. 

As a result, as time ticked on and we drew closer to tallying votes and judges' scoring, we decided to honor a few additional entries and authors, in addition to our four main winners.

Tonight we will be announcing a series of "Honorable Mentions."  Entries that did well with the judges or voters - but didn't quite reach the top - or entries that stood out for another reason.

Below you will find honorable mentions in the following categories:

Judges' Mention (general) - 3
First Time Writer Mention - 2
Host Mention: Favorite Jasper / Bella - 1
Host Mention: Favorite JILF - 2
Host Mention: Favorite JILS - 2
Host Mention: Favorite Use of Edward -1

Thanks again to all of our entrants for submitting such amazing works.

Interested in which entries made us cry the most?  Which ones we loved even though they had the strangest pairings?  Our thoughts on anonymous judging versus open voting?  Elle and LVP will both be posting entries in the next couple of weeks, highighting some of their personal favorites and thoughts on the contest in general.


  1. I sort of feel like the ultimate fangirl of this contest =) I look forward to reading about all the inside scoop deets. There are so many fics I didn't get a chance to read, and I love hearing about your faves since I already know you're both pretty freaking cool ;) Thx again!!

  2. I am a big fan of Jasper fics so I was excited when the contest was announced. I subscribed to the C2 alerts and read a lot of the stories as they were posted. I was consistently amazed at how many REALLY good writers and fics were entered. It was very hard to narrow down my faves for voting.

    Thanks to both of you not only for the contest, but also for setting up this blog and being so open with your judging criteria and your thoughts and faves. It's a great idea and such great feedback.

    And the banners are just beautiful!