Monday, October 19, 2009

Pairing: Jasper / Bella

Jasper / Bella accounted for 42 of the final 120 entries (35%).

A Reason to Exist by Cullen818
Almost Human by thatisastory
Always Charmed by Dalia907
An Unexpected Companion by SweetDulcinea
Beyond Angry by NCChris
Blood is Thicker Than Water by Dawn ofthe Dead
Boardroom Policies by BamaBabe and Kitty Cullen-03
Butterflies and Hurricanes by Pire
Camels and Cloves by Chicklette
Clue by detroitangel
Coming Home by ladyrip
Death and Desire by JaspersDarkAngel
Dirty Little Secrets by Kitty Cullen-03
Feel You by Gemgem020507
Home Is Where the Heart Is by Rosette-Cullen
I Dreamed of You by Charmie77 and Juliamine
I Want You by bemylullaby and nostalgicmiss
If It Kills Me by Kiki Enigma
Into Strangers by mopstyle
Insurgent by Nostalgicmiss
Leaving Her by CherBella
Lone Star by SandraLies
Madness and Salvation by circe290
My Life is a John Hughes Movie by shamrockin
No Ordinary Appointment by Pange
One Twist by lacym3
Passional by Mac214
Perfectly Content by
Saving me from Myself by little-miss-twilighter
Shameless Developments by SweetDulcinea
Simple Kind of Man by brokenheadboards (collab Ahelm and ilsuocantante)
Summer With the Stable Boy by jasperohHALEyeah
Texas Tranquility by JessScript24
The Angel by Savannah-Vee
The Best Man by Kimpy0464
The Cat and The Plumber by Jaspers Naughty2Shoes
The Lights of Chicago by ARenee363
The Triangle by ParamoreXD
There Are No Words by aedara
Unbroken by Chicklette
Underexposed by daisy3853
Unspoken by staceygirl aka jackbauer

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  1. I who am a fan of the Jella I regret that all this fic is not translated because I read in no way English...
    I used a translator for this message I espere that there will be too much fault
    Cullen818 thank you for having authorized translations of these fics finally of the premiere the second was never ended!
    I espere to have the pleasure to read your translations one day!
    Maid continuations has quite (all)
    Bizouxglaces ^^