Monday, October 19, 2009

Entries: Collaborations

Ten collaborations were entered into the contest.  Three went on to the Final Round of Open Voting.

Boardroom Policies by BamaBabe and Kitty Cullen-03
By Any Means Necessary by beate73 and Beautiful Figment
Eyes of Truth by stolenxgypsy (stolenxsanity and gypsysue)
I Dreamed of You by Charmie77 and Juliamine
I Want You by bemylullaby and nostalgicmiss
Shoots and Ladders by heelstominivan and TFX
Simple Kind of Man by brokenheadboards (Ahelm and ilsuocantante)
The Enemy Within by Pange and ZephyerSky
Tourbillon by inside-the-disarray and MojoPen
Up in the Air by Jasper's Dark Darlin' Angels (Jasper's Dark Angel and Jasper's Darlin' Kathy)

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