Monday, October 19, 2009

Pairing: Jasper / Edward

Jasper / Edward accounted for 15 of the final 120 entries (12.5%) and 50% of the Final Round of Open Voting.

Action by queenofgrey
By Any Means Necessary by beate73 and Beautiful Figment
Crushlicker by MySlashyFriend
Don't Stop by morrissey is god
First Chance at Love by Whitlock's Girl
Fractured by DefinatelyStaying
In His Arms by gypsysue
Love On A Battlefield by PolkaDotMama
Need an Excuse by Beautiful Figment
Riders on the Storm by teacupsNmints
Selfish Surrender by 4lttrwrd
Shoots and Ladders by heelstominivan and TFX
Something Old, Something New by robpat
Tourbillon by inside-the-disarray and MojoPen
Up in the Air by Jasper's Dark Darlin' Angels (collab Jasper's Dark Angel and Jasper's Darlin' Kathy)

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