Monday, October 19, 2009

Pairing: Jasper / Other

While most entries paired Jasper with Alice, Bella, or Edward, there were some that did not (or had some sort of combination of A, B, E).

Jasper Alone - In these entries, Jasper is either alone, or the pairing is nebulous or not relevant.
Crossroads by AccioBourbon
Fighting With Desire by Whitlocked
Forgiven by socact
Man of War by helliex88
Stay by omgiluffbleachvampires
Ten Seconds at a Time by InstantKarmaGirl
Wild Harvest by Lady M28

Jasper / Alice and Jasper / Bella
A Better Place to Be by EJ Santry
Footfalls Echo in the Memory by inside-the-disarray

Jasper / Bella / Edward
Just This Once by lexiecullen17

Jasper / Charlie
The Cop and the Addict by tuesdaymidnight

Jasper / Edward / Emmett
Teach us, Mr, Whitlock by HereWithoutYou
Tuesday Night Poker by LauraACullen

Jasper / Jacob
Foreign Emotions by AlasterNacht

Jasper / James
Last Request by Claire Bloom

Jasper / Maria
Betrayed by ForTheLoveOfTwilight18
Copper Lily by s.meadows
Mi Morena by Chel88
My Scars are the Pieces of my Soul by dreaming in black and white

Jasper / OC
Old Aquaintances by QuirkyGirl22

Jasper / Rosalie
Take What You Need by afragilelittlehuman
Warm Me Up by la jodi

Peter / Bella / Jasper, aka PBJ
Promises by einfach mich
What Happens in Vegas by missmaj

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