Monday, October 19, 2009

Pairing: Jasper / Alice

Jasper / Alice accounted for 39 of the final 120 entries (32.5%).

Amour pour le lutin by Dirtymaggiemae
Aside with a Wolf by
Bodyguard of Lies by Mandi1
Cadence by letmesign
Caught Up in the Silence by RAEcouter
Escape by MarilagML
Eyes of Truth by stolenxgypsy (collab between stolenxsanity and gypsysue)
Fear No Evil by Lethologica86
Firefly by calm-heartbeats
Flipping a Connection by readingmama
He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings by Shahula
Held by Hope by Mrs. Cope
Home at Last by hexumhunnie311
I Always Knew by InsaneGrizzlies
I Heard Say the Executioner by ArchipelagoOfLiteraryNonsense
Identities and Shadows by letmesign
If Lovin' You is Wrong by bsmog
Leopard Pumps and Lawsuits by ladyinblue6
Lost and Found by ooohlalaaa
More Than A Feeling by profmom72
My Baby Just Cares For Me by VanPireNZ
Pen-pals by Calliope Jones
Reflection by jslack
Satisfied Man by queenofgrey
Serendipitous Savior by tuesdaymidnight
Silly Little Wounds by allysue08
Someone by distant.dream118
Someone I Needed by Jabberwockylove
Southern Comfort by thedarknessofthemoon
Surprising Alice by Meadow C
That Which I Cannot Live Without by OliviaJane
The Enemy Within by Pange and ZephyerSky (collab)
The Haunting of Seguin Island by Little Miss Whitlock
The Laundry Room by The Armadillo and the Elephant
Touched by magan bagan
What is this, General Hospital? by KellBellsCullen
When You Say Nothing At All by ZephyerSky
Whit a Bit of Lock by gangsterdorothy
You Know What You Are by shalu

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